How Do You Get Latino Votes? (unexpected part 2)

And if you’re not in 1960…

Yesterday I posted a link to a video of a commercial Jackie Kennedy (wife of John F. Kennedy) did for her husband’s campaign–a commercial done completely in Spanish.  The 1960 election is the first national election where either of the two major parties made any organized effort to garner Latino votes.  While it would have been nice if the presidential candidate could have done such a commercial themselves, it was important, meaningful, and successful of JFK’s people to choose his wife.

And then today I saw/heard this.  It is one of John McCain’s Spanish-language radio ads, his most recent to date.  In it, an announcer now does the job of the former first-lady-to-be, promising McCain is the answer to these economic bad times.  “When we are filling up the gas tank, we are not Republicans, Democrats or Independents. We are Hispanics…”

4 thoughts on “How Do You Get Latino Votes? (unexpected part 2)

  1. Grandpa’s gonna have to do better than that. He’s got some tuff competition and I doubt musicians in his age group, such as Buena Vista Social Club will be supporting him.

  2. Crummy, the link didn’t post.

    but the idea I was mentioned can be found searching youtube “podemos con obama”

  3. I have some links to other “Obama” music in my “Obama del Mundo y Espanol” page as well

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