How Do You Get Latino Votes?

Well, in 1960, you get your wife to use her choppy Spanish and promise a “mano firme” kind of leadership from her husband.

Check out this television ad made for the 1960 Presidential campaign, an election that pitted John F. Kennedy against Richard M. Nixon. Kennedy won by the smallest margin in history (up to that point)–less than 113,000 votes! Several hundreds of thousands of Latino voters registered and voted for the first time as part of what were called “Viva Kennedy” campaigns. So, from the perspective of many Southwestern electoral activists of the time, Mexican American voters (in particular) made the difference in electing the President of the United States.

Kennedy then proceeded to ignore many of the issues facing Latinos in the U.S. at the time.

Que Viva Kennedy!

One thought on “How Do You Get Latino Votes?

  1. Did it help, the Kennedy’s were Catholic for the Latino vote?

    Do you think Latinos will move from their lean to the right on socially conservative issues with Obama alone? Or could Richardson either at VP bring them in for sure? Would a naming of Richardson to be Sec. of State earlier enough be enough of an incentive for Latino crossover?

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