The “Border Beat” (May 19, 2008)

Today’s selection of articles includes features on some recent immigration raids as well as the evolving and emerging political fights including Latinos.

  • Two articles on the Iowa ICE raids on Agriprocessors Inc. (Washington Post and Chicago Tribune)
  • McCain might have a shot at the Latino vote in November (Reuters)
  • Baltimore cops say the best way to do their job is to do it and leave “illegals” alone (Baltimore Sun)
  • The Hispanic Congressional Caucus slams their Democratic leadership (Houston Chronicle)
  • When local Arizona cops do the fed’s job even God-fearing Latinos better watch out (Tucson Citizen)

The struggle brewing between the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Democratic leadership has been slowly emerging for the past months, as the Caucus tries to block any immigration legislation until meaningful reform legislation is proposed.  It has been a bold move, one marked by their refusal to support pieces of legislation that are positive for Latinos and immigrants because these items have not been part of a alrger legislative effort.  In the end, this discord reflects the extent to which the Democrats offer more of the same when it comes to immigration.

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