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Friday Five: Motown

There is no conceivable way to reduce the Motown catalog down to just 5 songs and have that mean anything. Not a best list, not a favorites, either. So here are 5 Motown songs that I would like to share, … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Sam Cooke

If you don’t know who Sam Cooke is, I almost don’t want to tell you. Or maybe it’s more like I can’t. Whatever I would try to say wouldn’t be enough. I can say this: Music is, in many ways, … Continue reading

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Friday Five: The Pixies

I wasn’t a fan of The Pixies in my youth. Where I came from all alternative music was thought of as “white music,” and so it wasn’t something we gravitated toward. (Ironically, heavy metal–which you might think of as just … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Little Junior Parker

Within the general popular culture, Little Junior Parker is one of the least recognized architects of rock n’ roll music. He is not forgotten by critics and historians of the sound. Here’s five of his best. 5. “Pretty Baby“: Songs … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Guns N’ Roses

There’s this whole big-hair-80s-hard-rock thing that happened in LA and kind of took over rock music for the 80s into the 90s. Guns N’ Roses were a part of that, of course, but they were also the real deal in … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Crosby, Still, & Nash (and Young)

One of the consistent things I read online is the blog of one of my friends, Steven Rubio. And, for as long as I have been reading him, he’s done some version of a music list every Friday. This is my … Continue reading

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Elvis: 36 years later

Elvis Aaron Presley died 36 years ago today. I remember August 16, 1977, even though I was only five. It was a rainy day in Los Angeles, as a summertime monsoon turned the summer sun into grey wetness. I remember … Continue reading

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Graveyard Shift

I attended college from 1990-1994. Beginning with my first Christmas break and lasting until my last, for a month every winter and three months every summer I worked with a fantastic group of people processing loan and credit card payments … Continue reading

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George Harrison meets Elvis

I love Elvis. I love the Beatles. Of course, I must love the Beatles talking about Elvis. In this video, George Harrison recalls his second and final meeting with the King.

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Historical Songbook: “Los Hijos de Hernández” (1986)

Los Tigres del Norte are the most famous and accomplished conjunto band in Mexican musical history. Their own story spans the border between California and Mexico (the group came together in San Jose, CA), and does so while playing norteño … Continue reading

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